Last weekend Motörhead performed at The Hammersmith Apollo in London. The well-known band did an amazing concert, showing skills and sending to the audience a clear message: they still rock hard.

It was twenty past 9 at the Apollo, and the venue was full of old school rockers. You know; this kind of people with long hair, black jackets with badges and skinny jeans. Outside it was plenty of Harley Davidson style motorcycles.

Although in the UK it’s specifically forbidden to smoke in closed places, some of the assistants were breaking the law. One could say that a rock concert is not a proper rock concert without a beer and a fag.


The band trio came out on stage at 9.30pm, and first song to play was Iron Fist, a demonstration of power and a declaration of intentions. Next song was Rock Out, one of the two songs they played from their last album Motorizer. The introduction was done and people were ready to enjoy.

People started to excite themselves and once the ambient was hot, Motörhead shown the best of them and played the most recognized hits such as Bomber, Metropolis, Fire Fire, Doctor Rock, Deaf Forever, Rock ‘n’ roll, Sacrifice, Overmight Sensation and The Hammer.

In between some of the songs, they stopped to do some instrument solos. First was guitar player Phill Campbell who did a impressive plucking and played some awesome sounds.

Mikkey Dee, the drummer, did a five-minutes solo that amazed everyone who was on the place. It was a lesson of rhythm, force and coordination. He knew how to interact with the public and how to translate into sound everything that the rock attitude represents.


They did also a cover of The Sex Pistols and played God save the Queen. They dedicated it to Steve Jones and also to all what monarchy represents in the UK and they dislike.

Lemmy Kilmister, 63, the bass player and leader of the band, sang with his characteristic broken voice, and gave some funny speeches to the audience, whether commentating the credit crunch or criticizing politicians.

One of the best moments was when they performed Dogs and some girls dressed like rockers came out on scene and started to dance with sticks on fire and to do several fireworks. After that they left the stage, but the people still wanted more.

Hammersmith Apollo is a really big theatre converted into a concert venue that gives the audience a perfect sound. Also visibility is good for those who aren’t so tall; there’s two levels, and the stalls has a step slope so if you’re not tall enough you can stay on the back and still can see properly. If you want to sit you can do it in the upper floor, if you want to stand you can dance in the ground floor.

After the break they played an acoustic song called The Whorehouse blues, which people particularly enjoyed because Lemmy played the harmonica like a original country-bluesman, while the other two members played the guitar.


Last two songs were the most waited and danced by the audience; they first played The Ace of Spades, a fast rock song that has become the anthem of the band. The girls came out again on stage and did some more fireworks, and danced all over the place. Last song was Overkill, another powerful song that some other famous bands have covered and that was elongated for the public pleasure.

The end was tremendous; Lemmy and Phil in the middle of the stage shooting the audience with their guitars and Mikkey beating hard the drum set.

Definitely, a night to remember. Now I can tick off one of the must-see rock bands.



  1. Thanx for this review. It seems that I lose a great concert. I wish´I’ll have another chance.

    “Fuck Carling man. We’re Motorhead. We play rock ‘n’ roooolllll”.

  2. Congratulations and celebrations.
    Me da que tendré que claudicar finalmente y dar unas clases de ingles.
    Parece que será interesante. Muchos besos y suerte mamá

  3. Motörhead sucks!!
    Pistols rules!!
    Thanks for the add, fat boyyyyy

  4. ayer noche estaba cansada y no eran horas de poner el rockde los Motorh a toda caña, esta mañana si, genial Javi, tengo pendiente un concierto de estos … besos y que pases un día estupendo

  5. ¿63 años tiene Lemmy?? impresionante!! Good perfomance for being so aged.

  6. Relationship= relaciones de barco…
    Con esto cierro mi demostración de inglés.

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