A new Bond film means new Bond girl: that’s good. But also means new Bond theme: and that’s not always good. The Quantum of Solace is the new film for the James Bond saga, and the second one with Daniel Craig as the 007 secret agent.

Another way to die is the new James Bond Theme composed by Jack White who also plays and sings the song with Alicia Keys. It’s a good song though; two unsuspected musicians playing together, unifying their skills and a good video-clip as well.

But when I was looking for it on youtube, the first video that came up was the one above; a joke-song composed and sang by British comedian Joe Cornish. Seriously, they beat is not only cool; it transmits speed and tension, all that a Bond movie needs. And the lyrics are so funny but at the same time realistic. I don’t want to underestimate White & Keys’s job, but truth is Cornish has beaten them.


In the last Bond movies the producers tried to get some good musicians such as Madonna or Sheryl Crowl, but they weren’t successful as expected.

Only Chris Cornell has done a surprising good song in Casino Royale with You know my name. A powerful song with rock, soul and all that a voice like Cornell’s can give to your ears.

But, before you quit that website, do yourself a favour and please go back for just a moment to 1987 and listen the great song that A-ha composed: The living daylights. Yeah… I know it’s tacky, but it’s incredibly cool. The A-ha guys did a great job, besides it was the best of the two movies with Timothy Dalton on the role of the secret agent.

However, there will be only one with the title of the Best, and even though Tina almost did it, the crown belongs to Shirley Bassey. Enjoy it.


6 responses to “THE SUANTUM OF QUOLACE…?

  1. en Madrid el día es gris y frío, aquí en Aravaca cae una lluvia fina y helada como las noticias del último asesinato de los hijos de p… en el país vasco y los heridos gravísimos en Gavá en una explosión de gas como siempre evitable que te dejan hecha polvo, pero tu post me ha reanimado Javier, está estupendo y entretenido, este diario tuyo me va a gustar. Besos desapasionados de mamá

  2. Such a funny post!! I like it, this is a great choice to fight against this sad winter.

    My vote is to the forgotten “Surrender” by jd. lang. (2moro never dies).
    My critic is to the same film main theme,
    Sheryl’s Crow “Tomorrow never dies”. She forgot the Bond Music attitude, despite chorus are really good.


  3. Felicidades Javier, te enlazo en In Fernem Land, ¿vale?

  4. Tenemos un problema. Escrito, vale, pero las funny lyrics creo que no las voy a pillar al vuelo.
    Eso sí, he regresao al 87 y me he puesto el tema. Retrossssspecter.

    Le sigo por aquí, que han inventao una cosa que te avisa de cuando actualizan.
    Intentaré responder en inglés las próximas veces para que no se rayen los visitantes.


  5. We got now a naughty agent for naughty people, I like it!!
    for next film it could be some of The Sex Pistols theme’s.

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