Last Friday 5th of December New Zealand band Fat Freddy’s Drop finished their European Tour in the Roundhouse, London.

After touring all around Europe during almost four months, the Kiwis performed an awesome last show in London.

The venue, The Roundhouse in Camden Town, was full of people willing to see a band with one of the best shows of the year.

Their first album Based on a true story (2005) is a perfect mix of reggae, dub, soul and even electronic sounds.  Due to its popular success and musical quality, the band was awarded with several prizes in their country, and consequently their became worldwide popular acclaimed.


It was nine o’clock, and the seven members of the band appeared on the stage; first was the MPC and pre-recordings DJ: he started to play warm dub beats. Secondly keyboards and guitar: adding details and feeling to the sound. Then came out the drummer, and the doubt if he could coordinate himself with the DJ was automatically erased. The connection was simply perfect.

Lastly the wind section (sax, trumpet and trombone) and the singer appeared on stage. And with them, the sound of Fat Freddy’s Drop and its personality invaded the place. The sweet voice of Joe Dukie fitted perfectly on the reggae music and dub of the first three songs.

Afterwards, and during the whole concert, the Jamaican sounds were mixed with refinement, going from soul to blues, funk, hip hop or even organic drum and bass. As the album ‘Based on a True Story’ is.


But like every good band, Fat Freddys tried to give the audience something extra when performing. And they played some songs like Ernie in a very different way, mixed with house-dub music, and making dance everybody on the place. It was one of the best moments of the night.

They continued playing and jamming at the same time. One could see how sometimes they were talking to each other and deciding what to play or how to conduct the song: depending on the audience and how they reacted to the music.

One of the last songs was driven from the reggae towards techno sounds with some details of rhythm & blues but with an organic base. And people, they were dancing possessed by the sound.

Special mention needs to be done to the trombonist, whom didn’t stop dancing with a funky style and was the spirit of the band.

Last song was an easy one, but with all the soul and feeling of the band and a game of lights very suggesting and colourful.

It was one of the best gigs of the year. No doubt. A must-see.


One response to “FAT FREDDY’S DROP

  1. sigue lloviendo en Madrid tras un finde espectacularmente desapacible, tú música me acompaña Javi, y tus comentarios. Un beso grande de mamá

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