Killed Alexander Grigoropoulos

The killing of a 15 year-old student in Greece by a policeman has raised important question marks in a debate where violence and authorities are on the centre of the topic.

It’s been now almost a week since Alexander Grigoropoulos died and the riots haven’t stopped so far.

In addition, a general strike was happened yesterday to protest against the government economic policies. More violent acts were produced all around the nation while the strike specially disrupted the transport and the public sector.

It is becoming common to see broken glass in the ground of every street, burned cars, roadblocks, ruined shops and other blueprints of people’s rage. In cities like Athens, Salonica, Rhodes or Patras violent demonstrations have immersed Greece in a chaos.


Despite the ballistics tests have not yet been published, policemen defence lawyer says a ricochet killed the youth.

Police officer Epaminondas Korkoneas, 37, was charged with murder and police officer Vassilios Saraliotis, 31, was charged as an accomplice. The Athens court ordered both men to be held in jail pending their trial. No date for the trial was set.

However, the fact is that a teenager was killed and the bullet came from a policeman weapon. A weapon of the State.

The debate has open important questions again. Should police officers carry lethal weapons such pistols or machine guns?


Some may say that the right to use the violence shouldn’t be monopoly of the State. And that’s why some violent groups of citizens demonstrate on the streets. That’s why they show their anger. They reclaim the streets and the right to use violence as self-defense when the State uses it against them.

Rioters use paving stones, petrol bombs and other handmade weapons. Police are armed with several lethal weapons and they carry shields, helmets and other padding protection.

Violence is a negative aspect of the human being, but reality is that it is in our nature. Considering that, we should learn about how to use it in a proper way rather than fighting until the strongest survives.

Confrontation in the streets doesn’t solve anything, and the worst of it is that it’s never going to take Alexander back to life.


In any case, people’s outrage is justified. It’s understandable that some citizens and groups or associations manifest violently their feelings against the State and the police.

If police is there to protect the citizens, who is going to protect them when police abuses of them, or when shooting a 15 year-old student, or when facing them in a demonstration?

Perhaps it’s too complicated to answer, but one thing is for sure; as long as police abuses exist, riots will exist as a response.

As long as human being exist, violence will exist. And State authorities can’t be the exclusive controllers of violence, because otherwise situations like Greek will happen again.

It happened something similar in France a few years ago, and if things continue in the same way, it could happen again anywhere. There’s a big problem to solve. Some say it’s the system and maybe they’re right.


  1. ya ha pasado un año de nuestra visita a Grecia, parece que se estaba cociendo algo en una olla a mucha presión ¿no? lastima que cueste un muerto y tan joven.
    Desde París donde cae el hielo a trozos ¡que frío¡ muchos besos mamá

  2. EjKp1o Thank you for the material. Do you mind if I posted it in her blog, of course, with reference to your site?

  3. Hi Cialis,

    Glad you liked it.
    No problem on using my text in another blog as long as you reference it to mine, and you keep my name as the original writer.
    Could you please give me the link once it’s updated.

    Thank you so much!

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