Yesterday night football classic derby between F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid finished with 2-0 for the Catalan team.

Despite Schuster, Madrid’s coach, was fired last Tuesday and replaced by Juande Ramos (well known to Sevilla’s and Tottenham’s supporters), he couldn’t do nothing to avoid the defeat.

The match was controlled by Barcelona but they couldn’t score until the last ten minutes. Samuel Eto’o missed one penalty but he could get over his mistake by scoring the first goal of the night.

Only two minutes over the 90th minute Henry did a great pass to Leo Messi who scored with an intelligent shot.

The eternal enemies did a great job, and although Real Madrid played better than they have been playing lastly, it wasn’t enough to win.


Now Barça is 12 points over Madrid and they seem confident enough to keep that winning rhythm. Time will tell.

However, numbers don’t lie: Barcelona has scored 3’06 goals per match, and Eto’o has scored 15 goals out to 15 games.

If they carry on with that, they’ll probably win La Liga, and will have serious chances to achieve La Copa del Rey and the Champions League.

After a couple of years with no tittles, Barça is back.


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