Last press conference of US President George W. Bush in Bagdad, Iraq, has been unusually interrupted by a Iraqi journalist.

The journalist has thrown both of his shoes to Bush while he shouted: “Get your goodbye kiss, you dog!” Calling someone ‘dog’ is seen a really bad insult in the Arabic world.

Bush was talking to the journalists behind Nuri al Maliki, Iraq’s Prime Minister when everything happened.

The aggressor, a TV reporter stand up suddenly during the conference and thrown one of his shoe towards President Bush, who avoided the impact with a fast dodge.

Immediately after, the reporter has thrown the second shoe, which also hasn’t impacted against any of the politicians.

Mr Bush has smiled quickly and has explained that he never felt threatened at anytime. He also said that the incident hasn’t bothered him.

Other Iraqi journalists and colleagues of the shoe thrower have said sorry in name of his partner.

Bush is in Iraq doing his last official visit, as in January will be replaced by President-Elect Barack Obama.


Will now President Bush include in the evil list and bomb the shoes factories?

Will the brand of the shoes increase their sales in the Arabic world?

It seems that Iraq is not going to be a place to go on holidays for Mr Bush. The shoes, the plastic turkey…oh! …almost forgot! And a war with hundreds of thousands deaths.


One response to “TERRORIST SHOES?

  1. si quieres que te diga la verdad, me hubiera encantado que le hubiera dado en todas las napias…

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