Though violent protests in Greece are almost over, students are still showing their anger through other means.

Yesterday they interrupted the news bulletin in TV to send a message and to denounce publicly Alexander’s Grigoropoulos death.

Also they have put a banner in Athens Acropolis signalling a worldwide demonstration for tomorrow.

The banner in the Athens Acropolis

The banner in the Athens Acropolis

It seems that civil protests are starting now to have more importance rather than violent acts.

It’s not only the death of a youth in a policeman hands what have taken all these problems out at that time. Also there’s the right of the people to demonstrate, and the necessity of breathing and feeling free in a oppressive world.


Let’s remember the always-healing Bob Marley’s words:

“Why can’t we roam this open country?

Oh, why can’t we be what we wanna be?

We want to be free.”

If you’re reading that, I’ll meet you tomorrow at 3 o’clock, at the roadblock, with the forces of victory.

And, again, like Bob says, if the policeman asks you for it… “Hey, Mr. Cop! Ain’t got no birth certificate on me now.”


One response to “RECLAIM THE STREETS

  1. si, parecía que las pancartas habían ido a parar a los trasteros (y a manos de los obispos ).
    Quien nos hubiera dicho el año pasado por estas fechas que Grecia se incorporaba a la lucha otra vez…
    only two days, LONDON TO MADRID. Besos mm

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