When everybody says something is worthless there must be always someone else who likes what the multitude dislikes. And, on the other hand, when someone does something that is not expected to do and which is different from everything he did in the past, everyone will try to discredit him by saying bullshit.
And here I am. I can fearless say Chris Cornell’s new album is fantastic. All right, it’s not Soundgarden, it’s not even Audioslave. But who said Chris pretended to do the same as he did with these two bands?
People evolve, and artists especially do. They like to experiment themselves with different stuff. They like to do something that they’ve never tried before. They want challenges. As a result, they can be successful or not. And even though, not everyone will agree on the success or the defeat. That’s the greatness of arts.
Step forward
Now, to understand Chris Cornell’s last album, we got to know his career as a musician. He’s one of the best voices that music (and especially rock) has given in the last 15 years. He’s got power, he’s got tenderness, he’s got rage, and he’s got personality. His voice has everything that music requires to a singer.
So knowing that, why wouldn’t he try a different thing? He knows his skills can allow him to try such a thing like Scream, the new album.
Once we got that, the only thing left is someone like Timbaland knocking at your door. Timbaland is a prolific artist and music producer who has worked with several mainstream artists, and that doesn’t necessarily means he’s not talented. As opposed, he is very talented.
I guess when he did the collaboration with One Republic he thought that he could try something different he never did before. And working with a rock singer enough open-minded to sing over a different music would be ideal.
Then you got it. You got the why and the how. And it is absolutely understandable.
Keep rockin Chris
I do admit it. This album will not satisfy rock die-hard fans. In fact it will make them hate it, as they actually do. It’s more focused for the club and dancing, but that just makes it enjoyable in another way.
The lyrics might not be as good as Audioslave’s Out of Exile (in my opinion the best work as a lyricist that Chris has done), but they do the work. Some of them are quite banal, but not as bad as we normally see on mainstream.
Scream is a really kick-ass experiment. Well driven by both Timbaland and Chris Cornell. I would say it’s even more interesting than previous Chris’s album Carry on.
However, that’s not by far the best Chris has done, it’s just not as bad as people is currently saying.
I just leave you one of the best songs written by him, and that somehow responds to all the gossips and backbites he’s receiving. Be yourself is all that you can do.



  1. damn! the more i listen to it the more i like it. good job chris!!

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