Yesterday night FC Barcelona won La Copa del Rey against Athletic Bilbao on a stunning final.
Barça literally demolished Bilbao by playing the best football probably ever seen. A beautiful game based on touching the ball, creating spaces and most importantly: attacking and erasing any possibility of attacking to their opponent.
Ali’s philosophy
Former boxer heavyweight champion of the world Muhammad Ali made popular his own philosophy on the ring with a catchy rap: ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, your can’t hit what your eyes can’t see.’
Ali used to dance and jump constantly around his opponents and attack them constantly without giving them any chance to defence themselves. With that strategy he made them see useless to the eyes of the world. And that’s what Barça does when they play.
Though, Ali’s opponents were great sportsmen, great boxers, but they didn’t had anything to do against Ali. Not only because he was the best, also because of the thrill of winning that evolved Muhammad’s spirit. And it’s the same with Barça. They play against great teams, but they simply destroy their playing systems.
The first triumph
La Copa del Rey has been the first of the season’s championships. They will mathematically win La Liga next weekend, and they’ll play next May the 27th the UEFA Champions League final against Manchester United. If they succeed this can be a year to remember for the Catalan team. Whether they win or not, what is sure is Barça is currently playing the best football in the world and probably the best football ever. They can win or loose, but seeing them playing is just a pleasure. Long life to the greatest sport ever.



  1. Congratulations ma friend!!!!!

  2. me ha encantado el post Javi, tu querido Alí y tu querido Barça juntos,

    besos mm

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