Sri Lanka’s government claims to have defeated Tamil Tiger rebels.
After the announcement of a cease-fire of the Tamil Tiger rebels, a military action was taken by Sri Lanka’s army where a hundreds of rebels were killed. Also, leader of Tigers Velupillai Prabhakaran, has been killed, the military says. Several online news sites have published the surrender of the rebels after more than 25 years struggling.

Tamil refugees protesting in London

Tamil refugees protesting in London

The Tigers had been fighting for a separate state for Tamils in the north and east of Sri Lanka since the 1970’s.
In front of the Houses of Parliament, London, since January there have been several protests of civilian Tamil refugees. They object British government has been helping Sri Lanka’s government to fight against Tamil Tigers, and therefore against Tamil civilian population.
The government of the small island below India has prosecuted and criminalized Tamil culture and ethnic. On the other side, some international organizations and political parties have supported Tamil population and condemned by the genocide that Sri Lankan army.
Now, the future of Tamils seems to be very unclear. UN would not do anything as British government has several interests and pacts with Sri Lanka, so the international help will be inexistent once again. Only a few NGO’s will help the refugees after they’ve left the country, but the life for them is going to be much more difficult now.

4 responses to “TAMIL TIGER DEFEATED

  1. this goes out to my tamil neighbors.

  2. en este mundo ser minoría y tener orgullo es una desgracia…

    besos a tus vecinos, mm.

  3. Joder, sí, los ví.(mátame). Menuda historia…

    A tí ya te tenía linkao, ¡yiah!

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