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Thank you. It is a real pity that you are gone. I had a ticket to see you in London, but you couldn’t wait. You had to go.

Thanks for everything. I just whish that if there’s anything out there after death, that you’ll be happy. Just whish you happiness.

Don’t stop till you get enough, Jacko.




Last Thursday, Mike Patton & Fred Frith performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall as a part of the Ornette Coleman Meltdown.

Basically they played organized noise, instrumental ugliness and chaotic sound effects.

The concert was pretty good. Interesting and experimental.

Fred Frith was on the guitar and he used several pedals to create different sound effects, played the guitar with his hands and also used many different tools, such as balls, peanuts, metal boxes, a violin bow, and many other stuff.

Mike Patton was in front of a table with so many machines, controlling sound effects made by his voice or by music boxes. Both of Fred and Mike were synchronized even though some might say there wasn’t any rhythm at all, trust me there was.

Sometimes it reminded me to Mike Patton & Kaada‘s experiment, but more free-jazzy in a sort of way. Probably that’s why they were part of Ornette’s programme.

They only played four songs, and for the last two of them, a beatboxer joined them in the stage and I have to say he did a great job. It wasn’t common hip-hop beatbox skills, he was in the mood of noise and he adapted perfectly to Mike and Fred. He played not only with rhythms but also with natural noises and singing.

It was a good time to free your mind and just let be driven by music and chaos.

Where some don’t find rythm and sense, others do: that’s the difference between genius and musicians.


Making history

Yesterday night I had the opportunity to witness a historical success. The first concert in over 11 years of the worldwide acclaimed band Faith No More took place at the Brixton Academy, London. It was the kick off of ‘The Second Coming’ tour, a proof of fire for the band and an absolute privilege for about 5.000 people. The result: Faith No More did an amazing show.

It last for two hours and was absolutely remarkable. The musicians were dressing smart suits, a different colour each other, except the drummer, who was wearing sports clothes, like he used to.

‘So, what have you been up to this 11 years?’ Asked Mike Patton to the audience. Well man, you know. Trying to survive… t’kind of stuff. What about you?

Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Peeping Tom, John Zorn, Zu, Bjork, Tomahawk, X-Ecutioners, Dan the Automator, Rahzel, movie soundtracks, and so many other projects and collaborations… Mike Patton is one of the most prolific artists ever. Hyperactive. And yesterday night he expressed himself all along his many identities. And he shocked us. He made us love him.

Hold on… is it Caruso singing? Nah… Nah… it’s Mike

Patton was definitely extraordinary. With the exception of the Opera singers, I’ve never seen alive a better singer. He can achieve tones and sounds that normally a singer can’t, while moving and dancing and after more than an hour singing and shouting.

Special moment was when they played Bee Gees cover ‘I started a joke’. I thought I was listening someone singing a Verdi composition. There were so many special moments that I couldn’t name them all…

For me it was a pending coursework to see Mr. Patton alive. I never had the chance to see him with his multiple bands, and luckily I managed to get a ticket for the first Faith No More date in 11 years. Did the fate had this prepared to me? Who knows…

Don’t miss ’em

If you have the chance to see them alive, don’t miss it. You’ll be pleased.

Check the above youtube video that some fan recorded last night when ‘Land of Sunshine’ was performed. Patton uses a megaphone, and in minute 2:10 you can see and listen Mike’s powerful and beautiful voice. And it’s a fan’s video recorded with a digital camera, which doesn’t catch the sound properly. Imagine how was to be there.

Thank you for this night, Faith No More.

Thank you for yourself, Mike Patton.


French humourist Remi Gaillard has released a few new videos on his website N’ importe qui.

First, and tremendously hilarious, is his human Pacman on a supermarket. Remi is Mr. Pacman while some of his friends are the four ghosts trying to catch him. But they haven’t thought of extra enemies they’ll find on their way…

Secondly, Remi celebrates his town football team ‘Montpellier Herault Sports Club’ promotion into the first French Football league with some stunning kicks. His sports skills are evident on the video.

For those whom didn’t know who Remi Gaillard was, go to his website and check some videos out. His humour is not only funny but necessary as he does it free and its casual, you don’t know when, where or what is his next step gonna be like.

Keep working please Remi!!