French humourist Remi Gaillard has released a few new videos on his website N’ importe qui.

First, and tremendously hilarious, is his human Pacman on a supermarket. Remi is Mr. Pacman while some of his friends are the four ghosts trying to catch him. But they haven’t thought of extra enemies they’ll find on their way…

Secondly, Remi celebrates his town football team ‘Montpellier Herault Sports Club’ promotion into the first French Football league with some stunning kicks. His sports skills are evident on the video.

For those whom didn’t know who Remi Gaillard was, go to his website and check some videos out. His humour is not only funny but necessary as he does it free and its casual, you don’t know when, where or what is his next step gonna be like.

Keep working please Remi!!


One response to “REMI GAILLARD IS BACK

  1. que pasa que no lo ficha florentino? mejor que el kaká ¿no?

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