Last Thursday, Mike Patton & Fred Frith performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall as a part of the Ornette Coleman Meltdown.

Basically they played organized noise, instrumental ugliness and chaotic sound effects.

The concert was pretty good. Interesting and experimental.

Fred Frith was on the guitar and he used several pedals to create different sound effects, played the guitar with his hands and also used many different tools, such as balls, peanuts, metal boxes, a violin bow, and many other stuff.

Mike Patton was in front of a table with so many machines, controlling sound effects made by his voice or by music boxes. Both of Fred and Mike were synchronized even though some might say there wasn’t any rhythm at all, trust me there was.

Sometimes it reminded me to Mike Patton & Kaada‘s experiment, but more free-jazzy in a sort of way. Probably that’s why they were part of Ornette’s programme.

They only played four songs, and for the last two of them, a beatboxer joined them in the stage and I have to say he did a great job. It wasn’t common hip-hop beatbox skills, he was in the mood of noise and he adapted perfectly to Mike and Fred. He played not only with rhythms but also with natural noises and singing.

It was a good time to free your mind and just let be driven by music and chaos.

Where some don’t find rythm and sense, others do: that’s the difference between genius and musicians.


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