The greatest of all times, Muhammad Ali, is touring in the UK to collect benefits for his several socialcare organizations.

The named best sportsman in the 20th Century, who was also been named the most remarkable American in history by the BBC audience in 1999, “receiving more votes than the other contenders put together”, has brought to the islands his shine and personality.


He started his UK tour yesterday on Manchester, and he’ll be visiting Dublin, London and other important places. This could be the last oppportunity to see The Greatest in Europe due to his illness of Parkinson. The ex-three time Heavyweight World Champion has been suffering of this disease since 1984, and struggling against it like no other opponent has fought against him in the ring.

Is it a real chance to see him?

Sadly, all tickets seem to be sold out, and it’s too expensive to get one: the cheapest are around 1200 GBP, which means that common people can’t afford to see their hero. But in the other hand, we have to understand that the money collected in these events will go to socialcare organizations. The events consist on fundraising dinners where the attendants will have the chance to meet their hero and take a photo with him.

However, I’ll try to see how close can I get to him on Sunday in Wembley National Stadium. It’ll be one of the most strongest experiences of my life to see Mr Ali through my naked eyes.

Play the video below to see one of the most touching stages of Ali’s life.


  1. suerte cucú seguro que lo consigues

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