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Are you tired of the same style videos they play at MTV? If so, let me introduce you two fan-made video clips of Californian band Mr. Bungle.

First is the song Retrovertigo, one of the bests songs of the band. It has been produced by Untouched Productions. “A small music video and commercial production team” that has a very personal and different way of understanding music and translating it into visual language. Retrovertigo video clip has been perfectly done in terms of shooting and editing, but most importantly, it makes justice to the song by telling a short story which combines both social and psychological factors.

Far away from mainstream style, Untouched Productions presents a music video clip full of strength and reality despite of the old testament style ending. I think is very creative and genuine.

Goodbye sober day

Next fan-made video clip is Goodbye sober day, it was made by a youtube user. It has been mainly created with archive images, but the montage is just brilliant. It follows perfectly the rhythm and captures the different states of mind of the song; sometimes calm, sometimes frantic, sometimes sad, sometimes happy. It reflects very well Mr. Bungle’s music; chaotic and insane but with a massive true behind itself.

Mike Patton and his bandmates should be proud of them.



Yesterday night I watched again The Doors movie, directed by Oliver Stone, with the amazing Val Kilmer on the role of Jim Morrison.

Afterwards I almost spent the whole night thinking, I couldn’t get no sleep. I was thinking on Mr. Morrison and how he lived, what he did and the message he send us. I thought of the absurd of everything in our current lives, trying to find some authenticity in this world we live. I tried to find for something original, some madness and chaos. But unfortunately I didn’t find anything but falseness.

It seems nowadays everything has been prepared from the marketing offices of a company in order to sell. Improve sells and benefits. Emptiness of soul. Is that just what we are? Consumers? Is our money what only matters?

Tired of this senseless game

I felt like Jim and if I would have some, I would have had a few shots of Jack Daniel’s to escape from this whole lifestyle of stupidity that someone has imposed upon us. I’m tired of having to be polite, having to be politically correct and following the stupid rules they tell us to follow. I want some chaos, some revolution. I want to break on through, escape. Fuck it all.

Maybe Jim was right and the only true that is left for us in order to be free is a few words. Words of poetry written by William Blake, Aldous Huxley, Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac, Arthur Rimbaud or Friederich Nietzsche.

And you, all you rulers of the world whom don’t care about people, whom don’t believe on revolution, chaos, disorder, madness and nihilism, never forget that there’s always something you can’t escape. In this life there’s only one sure thing: death. And you rulers whom destroy our lives will find it sooner or later. All of you will have an ending.


Catalunya, triomfant,
tornarà a ser rica i plena!
Endarrera aquesta gent
tan ufana i tan superba!
Bon cop de falç!
Bon cop de falç, defensors de la terra!
Bon cop de falç!
Ara és hora, segadors!
Ara és hora d’estar alerta!
Per quan vingui un altre juny
esmolem ben bé les eines!
Bon cop de falç!
Bon cop de falç, defensors de la terra!
Bon cop de falç!
Que tremoli l’enemic
en veient la nostra ensenya:
com fem caure espigues d’or,
quan convé seguem cadenes!
Bon cop de falç!
Bon cop de falç, defensors de la terra!
Bon cop de falç!


Yesterday night I was watching Mr. Obama’s speech on healthcare, and after a few minutes I came to the conclusion that he is a very clever guy. And when I say clever I’m speaking seriously. He knows how to do politics and at the same time he drives old-fasioned politicians through the way he wants and to the place he wants. Plus he is a very good speaker.

Yesterday we saw a ver intelligent man announcing a revolution in US healthcare system. But in order to refuse all previous or future attacks against his plan, he tried to anticipate them by talking about what is of real care for North Americans: Dollar.

Yes, he did it. Sometimes it seemed that he was talking about economy rather than healthcare, but the truth is that this is the only way to convince US citizens, politicians and, most importantly the lobbies. So Obama said, their pocket won’t be affected and it’ll be better for the people. He also talked about the current US healthcare system as the only one in Democrat countries that doesn’t guarantee attention for those who can’t afford it, which  is a shame. And North Americans doesn’t like to be ashamed of themselves. Again, Mr Obama spoke cleverly.

These two keypoints mentioned above convinced lots of people.

However, there will be always politicians willing to do or say the opposite Mr Obama is saying just because he’s saying it, even though they agree with him. Yesterday, during Barack Obama’s speech, some Republican senators yelled ‘liar’ at the President, but he did stand as gentlemen do.

This change on healthcare system means a lot. Means change, and that’s what Obama promised. That’s a good step. Keep on walking, Barack.


Well, it seems I’m not the only one doing documentaries about capitalism and its ending. Michael Moore, the documentary maker that brought us ‘Bowliwng for columbine’, ‘Farenheit 9/11’ and ‘Sicko’, has presented the premiere of his new documentary: ‘Capitalism: a love story’.

The premiere has happened tonight at the Venice Film Festival, and it has been named to be ‘Moore’s most dangerous film’.

It’ll be on the screens worldwide the next 2nd of October.


Spanish journalist Christian Poveda has been shot to death in El Salvador last night. It seems it has been a gang job from El Salvador who has commited the crime. Christian is well-known for his in-depth job on central american gangs called ‘maras’ on a documentary called ‘La Vida Loca’.

Poveda’s death is a huge pity for the journalism community because he was a real story-teller who did a very good job on central america. He always tried to tell what was happening on the streets of El Salvador to a worldwide population.

With Poveda’s death, it is demonstrated that journalism is still a very dangerous profession, and that telling the truth is always awkward for somebody that might be willing to kill you. However, journalists will never hesitate on keep telling what is happening out there.

Thanks Christian for your job and rest in peace. The struggle continues.



History of Humanity takes place by cycles. Each cycle is characterised by a social and economical model. And after a long time, and generally when new social aspects that make society evolve come up, the system, which was not ready for them, gets outdated, gets old, gets deteriorated and dies.

This process can last a hundred years, sometimes even more, but it’s unavoidable. It is as unstoppable as the passing time. And that’s what is happening to capitalist system. It has deteriorated and is getting old faster and faster. It is unsustainable and it has become outdated with regard to technological revolution. And also, it is a system that makes bigger the inequalities and injustices. It was designed to make richer some people at the expense of making poorer others. Capitalism is reaching its inevitable ending within a process that none of us might ever see finished, but that will complete with the achievement of a new social and economical model. How this new model will be is up to us.

London, the jailed city

London, one of the most important financial cities, has been the stage for several debates and meetings about the problems and issues that affect the system.
With the financial crisis as the starting point, the short documentary The sunset of Capitalism offers an analysis over the tools that make the system work and over the problems that it causes to society.

The CCTV, police brutality and the Orwellian society where individuals found themselves involved in, are some aspects that are deteriorating capitalism. It’s the story of a society collapsing, and as it falls, it repeats to itself: ‘so far, so good.’ It is a society that feels like Josef K, the Kafka’s novel character that is arrested one morning without knowing why, and at the end of the novel still doesn’t know the reason. Anguish is absolute.

Smash the system

The music is the conducting element of the documentary, the city of London is where it takes place, the jailed city shelters some hope and dissident thought. Economical and political analysts set alternatives out and unmask the real face of a cheating system. Although we’re aware of the cheating, it drives us to demand more and more cheating.

Gareth Pierce, a Human Rights lawyer, unveils which are the intentions of the state: to control and to make us think this control is necessary for our safety. Some of you might know Gareth for being the solicitor for some ex Guantanamo prisoners, or for being the solicitor of the Jean Charles De Menezes family, or maybe because Emma Thompson did of her on In the name of the father film.

Never lose hope

The idea of the documentary is positive, there’s loads of hope. We are in a turning point of history and therefore this is a very suitable time for change.
After watching the documentary, somebody said she was about to drop a tear but the rage that she felt was bigger than the sadness. How do we channel this rage and sadness is fundamental for what is to come. But never forget that best is to come. It always is.

Peace & respect,
Javier Duque

Click here to watch the documentary.