Spanish journalist Christian Poveda has been shot to death in El Salvador last night. It seems it has been a gang job from El Salvador who has commited the crime. Christian is well-known for his in-depth job on central american gangs called ‘maras’ on a documentary called ‘La Vida Loca’.

Poveda’s death is a huge pity for the journalism community because he was a real story-teller who did a very good job on central america. He always tried to tell what was happening on the streets of El Salvador to a worldwide population.

With Poveda’s death, it is demonstrated that journalism is still a very dangerous profession, and that telling the truth is always awkward for somebody that might be willing to kill you. However, journalists will never hesitate on keep telling what is happening out there.

Thanks Christian for your job and rest in peace. The struggle continues.



  1. caray, que duro se hace ver esas imágenes… pura desperación, y nivel cero de autoestima, ¿hay remedio?

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