Daily Archives: September 10, 2009


Yesterday night I was watching Mr. Obama’s speech on healthcare, and after a few minutes I came to the conclusion that he is a very clever guy. And when I say clever I’m speaking seriously. He knows how to do politics and at the same time he drives old-fasioned politicians through the way he wants and to the place he wants. Plus he is a very good speaker.

Yesterday we saw a ver intelligent man announcing a revolution in US healthcare system. But in order to refuse all previous or future attacks against his plan, he tried to anticipate them by talking about what is of real care for North Americans: Dollar.

Yes, he did it. Sometimes it seemed that he was talking about economy rather than healthcare, but the truth is that this is the only way to convince US citizens, politicians and, most importantly the lobbies. So Obama said, their pocket won’t be affected and it’ll be better for the people. He also talked about the current US healthcare system as the only one in Democrat countries that doesn’t guarantee attention for those who can’t afford it, which  is a shame. And North Americans doesn’t like to be ashamed of themselves. Again, Mr Obama spoke cleverly.

These two keypoints mentioned above convinced lots of people.

However, there will be always politicians willing to do or say the opposite Mr Obama is saying just because he’s saying it, even though they agree with him. Yesterday, during Barack Obama’s speech, some Republican senators yelled ‘liar’ at the President, but he did stand as gentlemen do.

This change on healthcare system means a lot. Means change, and that’s what Obama promised. That’s a good step. Keep on walking, Barack.