Last night American hip hop band Antipop Consortium performed at the Scala in London. After their break in 2003, when the members worked on their solo projects, the band continued its activity in 2007. And now they’ve released a new album called Fluorescent Black.

As a resultthey are touring all around the world presenting their new job. Last night’s show was a really good one. The four members of the band combined all those skills that made them well-known: glitchy and electronic music, combined conciousness and abstract lyrics, and amazing rapping skills. But also a strong attitude up in stage.

The band style doesn’t fit with the normal prototype of a hip hop band; they play midi instruments and perform live electronic music taking structures and styles from jazz, and pop, though they’re called Antipop Consortium. They not only rap but also sing, recite, slam, and like to make noise.

From time to time, and as a break, they stopped rapping and played with their instruments, doing a sort of electronica jam session, something rarely seen in hip hop concerts, but much appreciated by the audience.

The venue was full of people and all of them seemed they’ve enjoyed themselves pretty much at the end. The highest moments of the night were when they played Ghost Lawns and Volcano.

It was definitely a great show but also a different one to add to my list of gigs.



  1. mui wuapo lo k han sacado estos tios..
    pasate por mi blog y opina!!

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