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A few days ago the British newspaper The Guardian published an article about the use of Twitter by two protesters of the G-20 whom organized the demonstrations and all the other protesters through Twitter, an immediate communication tool.

It seems web 2.0 is out there to help the revolution. It also happened in Iran after the reelection of the president Ahmanideyad. Protesters and opposers were organized and coordinated through Twitter, and now, they’ve done the same in Pittsburgh.

Is it good or bad for us?

The conclusion that we can take of it is that new technologies are helping common people to fight back the injustices, or at least are being used as a tool to be much better prepared to organize dissident activities. And obviously, that doesn’t escape to authorities control. If protesters get updated with new technologies so do authorities.

Police, CIA, FBI, they can control and monitor anyone they want to when anyone is using new technologies to achieve dissident activities. If they consider that someone is acting suspiciously, they can watch their activity on the Internet in order to ‘prevent’ future illegal actions.

So, this new factor in dissidence means both positive and negative aspects. However, I’d say that is more positive for protesters rather than for authorities, because its immediateness means that authorities have to react very quick in order to avoid certain actions such as the demonstrations in Pittsburgh. And sometimes, they simply can’t react as quickly as they’d like to.

The importance of Twitter is that it’s instantaneous, worldwide, and it doesn’t require more than 140 characters to communicate with others or to express yourself. Therefore, it is a tool that reports much more benefits for normal population than for authorities.

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Catalunya, triomfant,
tornarà a ser rica i plena!
Endarrera aquesta gent
tan ufana i tan superba!
Bon cop de falç!
Bon cop de falç, defensors de la terra!
Bon cop de falç!
Ara és hora, segadors!
Ara és hora d’estar alerta!
Per quan vingui un altre juny
esmolem ben bé les eines!
Bon cop de falç!
Bon cop de falç, defensors de la terra!
Bon cop de falç!
Que tremoli l’enemic
en veient la nostra ensenya:
com fem caure espigues d’or,
quan convé seguem cadenes!
Bon cop de falç!
Bon cop de falç, defensors de la terra!
Bon cop de falç!


Yesterday night I was watching Mr. Obama’s speech on healthcare, and after a few minutes I came to the conclusion that he is a very clever guy. And when I say clever I’m speaking seriously. He knows how to do politics and at the same time he drives old-fasioned politicians through the way he wants and to the place he wants. Plus he is a very good speaker.

Yesterday we saw a ver intelligent man announcing a revolution in US healthcare system. But in order to refuse all previous or future attacks against his plan, he tried to anticipate them by talking about what is of real care for North Americans: Dollar.

Yes, he did it. Sometimes it seemed that he was talking about economy rather than healthcare, but the truth is that this is the only way to convince US citizens, politicians and, most importantly the lobbies. So Obama said, their pocket won’t be affected and it’ll be better for the people. He also talked about the current US healthcare system as the only one in Democrat countries that doesn’t guarantee attention for those who can’t afford it, which  is a shame. And North Americans doesn’t like to be ashamed of themselves. Again, Mr Obama spoke cleverly.

These two keypoints mentioned above convinced lots of people.

However, there will be always politicians willing to do or say the opposite Mr Obama is saying just because he’s saying it, even though they agree with him. Yesterday, during Barack Obama’s speech, some Republican senators yelled ‘liar’ at the President, but he did stand as gentlemen do.

This change on healthcare system means a lot. Means change, and that’s what Obama promised. That’s a good step. Keep on walking, Barack.



History of Humanity takes place by cycles. Each cycle is characterised by a social and economical model. And after a long time, and generally when new social aspects that make society evolve come up, the system, which was not ready for them, gets outdated, gets old, gets deteriorated and dies.

This process can last a hundred years, sometimes even more, but it’s unavoidable. It is as unstoppable as the passing time. And that’s what is happening to capitalist system. It has deteriorated and is getting old faster and faster. It is unsustainable and it has become outdated with regard to technological revolution. And also, it is a system that makes bigger the inequalities and injustices. It was designed to make richer some people at the expense of making poorer others. Capitalism is reaching its inevitable ending within a process that none of us might ever see finished, but that will complete with the achievement of a new social and economical model. How this new model will be is up to us.

London, the jailed city

London, one of the most important financial cities, has been the stage for several debates and meetings about the problems and issues that affect the system.
With the financial crisis as the starting point, the short documentary The sunset of Capitalism offers an analysis over the tools that make the system work and over the problems that it causes to society.

The CCTV, police brutality and the Orwellian society where individuals found themselves involved in, are some aspects that are deteriorating capitalism. It’s the story of a society collapsing, and as it falls, it repeats to itself: ‘so far, so good.’ It is a society that feels like Josef K, the Kafka’s novel character that is arrested one morning without knowing why, and at the end of the novel still doesn’t know the reason. Anguish is absolute.

Smash the system

The music is the conducting element of the documentary, the city of London is where it takes place, the jailed city shelters some hope and dissident thought. Economical and political analysts set alternatives out and unmask the real face of a cheating system. Although we’re aware of the cheating, it drives us to demand more and more cheating.

Gareth Pierce, a Human Rights lawyer, unveils which are the intentions of the state: to control and to make us think this control is necessary for our safety. Some of you might know Gareth for being the solicitor for some ex Guantanamo prisoners, or for being the solicitor of the Jean Charles De Menezes family, or maybe because Emma Thompson did of her on In the name of the father film.

Never lose hope

The idea of the documentary is positive, there’s loads of hope. We are in a turning point of history and therefore this is a very suitable time for change.
After watching the documentary, somebody said she was about to drop a tear but the rage that she felt was bigger than the sadness. How do we channel this rage and sadness is fundamental for what is to come. But never forget that best is to come. It always is.

Peace & respect,
Javier Duque

Click here to watch the documentary.


The greatest of all times, Muhammad Ali, is touring in the UK to collect benefits for his several socialcare organizations.

The named best sportsman in the 20th Century, who was also been named the most remarkable American in history by the BBC audience in 1999, “receiving more votes than the other contenders put together”, has brought to the islands his shine and personality.


He started his UK tour yesterday on Manchester, and he’ll be visiting Dublin, London and other important places. This could be the last oppportunity to see The Greatest in Europe due to his illness of Parkinson. The ex-three time Heavyweight World Champion has been suffering of this disease since 1984, and struggling against it like no other opponent has fought against him in the ring.

Is it a real chance to see him?

Sadly, all tickets seem to be sold out, and it’s too expensive to get one: the cheapest are around 1200 GBP, which means that common people can’t afford to see their hero. But in the other hand, we have to understand that the money collected in these events will go to socialcare organizations. The events consist on fundraising dinners where the attendants will have the chance to meet their hero and take a photo with him.

However, I’ll try to see how close can I get to him on Sunday in Wembley National Stadium. It’ll be one of the most strongest experiences of my life to see Mr Ali through my naked eyes.

Play the video below to see one of the most touching stages of Ali’s life.


Capitalism isn’t working. Its time has come.

Revolutionary but funny

Revolutionary but funny

So, what’s next? Well, some say we need new ideologies, but truth is that old theories like Marxism still got a chance if are put in practice properly.

From today until Monday, the Marxism Festival is taking place in London, and there will be many interesting issues treated that people might find interesting. Why don’t you give it a chance instead of spending the night drinking at the pub or whatching Big Brother?

It’s time for us as a people to change and start to think by ourselves, and in order to do that, we need to look back to those great philosophers whom thought of different models of societies.

Thus, the change will start to become real.


Sri Lanka’s government claims to have defeated Tamil Tiger rebels.
After the announcement of a cease-fire of the Tamil Tiger rebels, a military action was taken by Sri Lanka’s army where a hundreds of rebels were killed. Also, leader of Tigers Velupillai Prabhakaran, has been killed, the military says. Several online news sites have published the surrender of the rebels after more than 25 years struggling.

Tamil refugees protesting in London

Tamil refugees protesting in London

The Tigers had been fighting for a separate state for Tamils in the north and east of Sri Lanka since the 1970’s.
In front of the Houses of Parliament, London, since January there have been several protests of civilian Tamil refugees. They object British government has been helping Sri Lanka’s government to fight against Tamil Tigers, and therefore against Tamil civilian population.
The government of the small island below India has prosecuted and criminalized Tamil culture and ethnic. On the other side, some international organizations and political parties have supported Tamil population and condemned by the genocide that Sri Lankan army.
Now, the future of Tamils seems to be very unclear. UN would not do anything as British government has several interests and pacts with Sri Lanka, so the international help will be inexistent once again. Only a few NGO’s will help the refugees after they’ve left the country, but the life for them is going to be much more difficult now.