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Yesterday night I watched again The Doors movie, directed by Oliver Stone, with the amazing Val Kilmer on the role of Jim Morrison.

Afterwards I almost spent the whole night thinking, I couldn’t get no sleep. I was thinking on Mr. Morrison and how he lived, what he did and the message he send us. I thought of the absurd of everything in our current lives, trying to find some authenticity in this world we live. I tried to find for something original, some madness and chaos. But unfortunately I didn’t find anything but falseness.

It seems nowadays everything has been prepared from the marketing offices of a company in order to sell. Improve sells and benefits. Emptiness of soul. Is that just what we are? Consumers? Is our money what only matters?

Tired of this senseless game

I felt like Jim and if I would have some, I would have had a few shots of Jack Daniel’s to escape from this whole lifestyle of stupidity that someone has imposed upon us. I’m tired of having to be polite, having to be politically correct and following the stupid rules they tell us to follow. I want some chaos, some revolution. I want to break on through, escape. Fuck it all.

Maybe Jim was right and the only true that is left for us in order to be free is a few words. Words of poetry written by William Blake, Aldous Huxley, Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac, Arthur Rimbaud or Friederich Nietzsche.

And you, all you rulers of the world whom don’t care about people, whom don’t believe on revolution, chaos, disorder, madness and nihilism, never forget that there’s always something you can’t escape. In this life there’s only one sure thing: death. And you rulers whom destroy our lives will find it sooner or later. All of you will have an ending.