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Thursday’s concert performed by Alice Russell at Koko was simply amazing. Though I normally go to a couple of gigs every month, this has definitely  been one of the bests of the year.

Alice has a beautiful soul singer voice, and the band that plays with her is stunning. It was an almost two hours gig in one of the most magic venues in London. The Koko theatre, has this kind of essence that a singer like Alice is looking forward to transmit. Kinda burlesque, cabaret, and this French environment from the end of the 19th Century.

They performed loads of songs and played tribute to some artists such as Gnarls Barkley, Beyonce, The White Stripes and -of course they couldn’t miss him- Michael Jackson.

People who attended the concert definitely had a great time. Everybody enjoyed themselves and danced without stopping at anytime.



Thank you. It is a real pity that you are gone. I had a ticket to see you in London, but you couldn’t wait. You had to go.

Thanks for everything. I just whish that if there’s anything out there after death, that you’ll be happy. Just whish you happiness.

Don’t stop till you get enough, Jacko.